Professional Installation


OPENINGS and INSTALLATION should be: Plumb, Level, Square, and Shimmed

1. Openings should allow for adequate clearance for installation and insulation.

2. Shims should be installed properly with the sufficient amount to minimize deflection distortion, or rotation of the frame or sill, and also allows for proper operation of product.

3. Center the window in the opening, both horizontally and vertically, ensure product is right side up. Ensure the shims are no closer than 1” from each end of the window with maximum gaps within continuous shims of 1 1⁄2”.

4. Check window operation and check sash alignment on sliders. Repeat squaring as necessary.

5. Nail with 2.5” galvanized roofing nails at center of pre-slotted holes in nail flange at 12” on center.

6. DO NOT over nail, but allow nail fin to float on head of nail, with nails centered in nail slots.

DO NOT nail within 6” of welded corners DO NOT nail through flange at head, drive a nail 1⁄2” above flange and bend over, this will allow deflection. DO NOT nail expanding foam around perimeter of window or doors.


NOTE: Refer to HPO Building Guidelines for Part 9 Buildings.


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